The overall comments was that this was a good submission and that I am well placed now for formal assessment. I am looking forward to getting my work ready for the assessment of November.

With regards to the assignment my choice of subject was seen as good and some of my discussions where commended by my tutor – I really appreciate to be commended on this effort.

On the learning log:

In my learning log on the first exercise my tutor comments that the second title choice is more exact and she poses the following: “therefore do you think it would encourage the viewer to respond in a different way to the sculpture? i,e, by being very explicit, is its potential meaning more focussed? I tend to stand by the French public view that this work was not presented as sincere as to have meaning which could heal the wounds of the terrorist attack for the viewer.

My tutor’s discussion on my exercises is stimulating and I find that at least I have been on the right track during these exercises. I do feel happy with my learning up to this point and the fact that I can partake in her discussions by having a critical view.

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