Assignment 5

I have never really given much thought to video installations and their difference to cinema. My experience has also varied, in the sense that there were installations which I just could not make sense of, felt uncomfortable: during October 2018 I was in Barcelona and visited the Modern Museum – a video installation which asked of me to be in a complete dark/blockout situation whilst sounds were played took me to a point of ‘angst’, where I ran out of the room as fast as I could! I felt a sense of embarrassment with my own discomfort inside. Since then I have seen a view VR shows and really enjoyed the feeling of ‘realtime’ in these spaces.

Whilst reading on Douglas Gordon as well as Alfred Hitchcock I realised that I might have bitten of quite a big chunk of film theory to digest and answer the question – especially when in my reading the name of Giles Deleuze started showing. This was however another great ride of learning and being confused. A great help was listening to a discussion on the Tate website of Douglas Gordon and Peter Campus with David A Ross. In answering I decided that the list asked to do should be exempt from the detailed discussion of 1000 words.

Considering the Assessment criteria and doing a self-assesment I feel that I learn a lot about the subject and see it from a context within Modern Art development. I have been able to research on the internet and YouTube channel proved to be a good source. I do feel that in terms of critical and evaluation skills I feel inadequate. Critical thinking and reflection on how I interpreted the questions remains my issue whilst getting my work ready for my tutor to view. I do believe her inputs help in this regard. In a way I doubt myself at this stage, where I actually thought I would have felt more confident with the learning process. I need to feel ready to hand this work in for assessment and will go back to all the reports and work on some areas in my learning log. I do however feel strong that this learning will benefit my next subject, Practice of Painting. I feel confident about using theory whilst getting my hands dirty with paint and testing theory during the art making process.

I enjoyed the exercises and felt strong about understanding it from a perspective of a viewers experience. The power of interpreting a work of art became a more open and free space for me during this part of the studies. I enjoyed the idea that there could be no definitive single point of aesthetic view and would like to think more about the co-existence of the artist, the institute of art and the viewer – could this relationship be seen as more sustainable?

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