PART TWO prepared for my tutor to view as part of the submission of work done for Part Two of Painting 2 Studio Practice

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

The exercises challenged me to use different materials to use to build 3d objects as well as painting or drawing on any choice of support. I worked with plastic, paper,, flint/fluff, wood, clay, plaster of Paris, and expandable foam (builders DIY) as well as looked at pastels to draw/paint as well as household paints and combine it with ink. I did collage and cut-outs as an exploration of form and color. I did not consider painting with oils for this part. I spent a lot of time making and sculpting. I became more aware of space being taken by objects and how I negotiate and live with and around them.

Quality of Outcome

I tried to demonstrate the use of different materials as to how I became involved with making and exploring new materials. I revisited the layout of my website and believe my tutor will easily navigate the different topics under discussion in this part of the work. I do believe my process shows that of thinking and making, and in my writing, I communicated what I was thinking as the making progress, and see this documenting as an important part for my tutor to see my areas for improvement and skill development.

Demonstration of Creativity

I felt free to explore certain materials and sculptures as part of my practice. I was strongly influenced by the ideas of Phyllida Barlow and Tim Ingold. I reflected on this learning in my blog. I am considering upscaling my work and make use of mark-making as an exploration. Here I can look at a type of inventory of marks and use the 3d objects to develop these ideas. I started communicating with a fellow OCA student in the Textile course and enjoy the creativity which lies in our different approaches and use of materials.


The process of making was very much about my bodily presence when making and a need to take cognizance of the physical space. I need to question the relationship in the work to considering painting in 3 dimensions. Finding the place where space and painting exists. There are many artists who are considering this with their material use which can help me to develop my own ideas.

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