4 May 2018

Exercise 1  Groups of objects

I have to choose at least 6 objects of different sizes and shapes, of which some should be three-dimensional forms made from rectangles and cylinders.

I do a few short drawings…I am not comfortable with drawing a see through rectangular box. I understand the idea is to get solidity and see fundamental forms of a cube, a sphere, cylinder and or a cone in objects.

The above exercise on black paper with white charcoal helps me to understand why my brain plays games with me: optical illusion and trying to find the box like form ( rectangular) that is imprinted in my memory…is the drawing then what I saw…or what I think I saw, or what I think I should see?

Wip: I do some prep sketches in my sketchbook with a graphite pencil, then start on the charcoal drawing. I use Hannemuhle paper and with a piece of charcoal I start suggesting edges with lines to also show the relative proportions of these objects, then blocking in the forms and shapes. I have a challenge to imagine that I can see through these forms – my coffee mug, a coffee press, my oil paint box, a sketchbook, old fashioned reading glasses, a bag of coffee and chocolate. At this stage I want to focus on having a realistic representation of the forms in my composition and not to many distortions. I believe my lines should represent the objects.

I smeared out the chocolate box during the drawing process and see that I need to draw more lines to confirm the shape and form of each item.

I do think the forms show transparency and weight, but the drawing could be overworked.

Exercise 2 Observing shadow using blocks of tone.

I sit outside…it is autumn in my part of the world and a beautiful sunny day. It is midday and the sun will soon cast longer shadows. I use charcoal blocks; messy on the brown paper and I progress to tonal values with the aid of fixative and white charcoal block.

Exercise 3. Creating shadow using lines and marks

exercise in grades of tones

shadows with loose lines

tonal values with line on black paper

Exercise 4. Shadows and reflected light

I started in my sketchbook with a perfume bottle and used a pencil with my putty eraser.


For the exercise I choose a grey tone paper and used the same perfume bottle as above, I add an old fashioned bottle to the composition of shadows and reflected light.

shadows and reflected light study

shadows with lines
shadows and reflected light on wood

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