My biggest attempt for resolving the work I have started is to connect the literal with explorative work and show the processes of making. I have done theoretical and visual research and feel that from a contextual point of view the work is strong and evidence-based. A set of outcomes will be considered by the end of this course unit, as I can see this project has ideas and materials I could explore for future projects in the next level of studies. I see my explorations as a form of alliance with nature. I recently learned about a Finnish artist, Jenna Sutela whose work I found very intriguing. In her practice, she highlights how humans do not live in a vacuum but exist in symbiotic ecosystems with many things, such as bacteria, mould, and computers. It interests me as there is mention of a move to get closer to the natural world. In my current practice, I learned that collaboration with another artist, could be the start of something I would explore more.

I have explored different materials and would like to think that 3d work, with clay or other materials, will stay part of my practice. The mycelium paintings and gestural drawings, as well as 3 d works, can be developed as a series as I continue to ensure the work has connections with each other. I will use the time before I do my Assessment to develop these ideas and a body of work. I have a natural way of putting things together and here the work of Ian Kiaer should give me guidance.

I have learned that I have a tendency to move across and not stay longer with ideas; I would like to think more about staying long , to dwell with ideas and embrace my interest

I can envisage the body of work outside my studio context and would like to consider how the work could be shown in a gallery setting. Our home could act as this space and I could document the work in this space. I plan to work around ‘having an exhibition in my home and studio as a final presentation of this work. I see this place as my ‘safe’ place and where I can use the location to make small installations of groupings of work that could communicate with each other. I think the learning from the planned online exhibition with the OCA EU group will also add to an interesting final presentation of my work, as I will engage with that part in my Parallel project.


Documentation is done as one continuous blog with an introduction and different paragraph headings. The body of work I will present will come from work explored during research as well as the OCA EU group collaboration work. I have recorded extensively the materials I have used as well as the methods and resources, such as inspiration from other artists’ work, in my learning blog. I have made short videos of my making process and think I could ‘edit’ this into one documentation of how my process of making came together.


I consider a short video around the Wander Wide Web collaborative work as well as how I worked around the Studio Practice course to develop work that looked at painting as performance; the intersections between painting and sculpture; ideas around objects acting as proxy bodies, stand-in; considered paintings constituent parts and how this can act and perform independently from each other; use text in work and creative writing techniques to talk and write about my practice. I have been engaging more on my Instagram account around my making and need to develop interactions that address viewer experience. I would think asking more questions that engage viewers on this platform.

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