Zoom session: 28 April 2022

Format of this blog:

I suggest that ai will change the current format, as it is one long ongoing piece of writing and work. I should consider how the assessors will find links on specific topics. It is important that my own discernment is also noticed and marked. I have time to work on changing the layout and make it easier to read in shorter and separate reading pieces.

Parallel project work done and possibilities to develop into final work

My tutor asks about my reference to Ruskin and the work I placed as a visual image in the project. (
My reaction was around how this artist observed nature in his work and how place and landscape show up as good observations. I enjoy nature and lichen became a living thing I could closely observe, mushrooms are not available for me to view in nature at this moment of making. This feedback discussion takes me to understand that I tend to lose form in my own articulations. Afterwards, I thought of how Ruskin looked at the surface of the rock in the used illustration and reveal the spatial potential of its surface. I should also consider how I leave space in my work – the viewer needs a pause (or pauses) in a work to consider. ( Ruskin used this very well in terms of that space articulates back to the form) The surface experiments I developed, lost the articulation of form. I should find this interplay. We see it back again in the sculpture of the hands – using it as a prompt, she shows out, that I have a push/pull in the work.

I need to find this articulation of form in the works I develop, it is living things, I am working with and trying to show my viewer what I read in this looking at lichen. It makes me think about truth and being representational. I see opportunities to develop ideas: small botanical type studies could be developed from works. I thought of a statement I heard made by William Kentdrige about how when he makes there is a place in his making which allows for an emblematic way of trying to understand how we function in the world. I have to go back to Ruskin, he wrote about our expressive language of art and how this influences thinking and ideas and considers the viewer. ( I have The Genius of John Ruskin in my library, as well as other on my Kindle)

Here my tutor suggested I should see this ‘issue’ as an opportunity (s) to explore. In a way, I am finding my way between the surface as an emotional response and the ‘observational thing’. Thinking is needed around ‘filled’ or full space – holding the viewer. How to use containment – a pause, to breathe. I need to take this to the next stage, namely a body of work. The underwork is now there – the stage is set. I should consider intention – is the work complete or a prompt to push beyond the work. We looked at work at the incomplete stage – the space there is what I need to create in the completed work. I think I understand what my tutor is getting at; a work may look incomplete to me, but for the viewer, it could be complete. I need these negotiations with the project.

My favourite work

I prefer the yellow studies which link to lichen in terms of texture. We discuss the need to get to the essence of the ‘thing’, and here I can look to Cy Twombly. I also thought about sizing up the work – going to bigger /expansive or very small works and playing with the aesthetic. This opportunity to talk is very valuable to me.

We looked at the Hand sculpture – with what work would I pair it. We talked about work in the colour of spoor…. powderiness on the work almost necessitates this exploration! Again how things I made live together – here there can be an intention to see it as a body of work. It’s a type of ‘what if’ question I could use – the playful moment I could explore. I have an opportunity to re-look at the body of work I have created.

Continuing the project

We discussed the possibility of working on big sheets of plywood and using my already made drawings, which I really do enjoy making. We looked at a charcoal drawing – considering it in a different size, seeing this as a preparatory drawing and how I could present it. The idea of growing something was discussed – the work is about cellular things. ( I would like to consider my scobi, or look at how I could ‘grow’ more lichen and mushrooms??)

My tutor suggested I look at the work of, OCA tutor, Lydia Halcrow (her PHD show) and how she used smaller drawings of natural forms (information gathering) It could be very much the way I work – my tutor suggested I talk to her. We looked at my own organic ‘findings’ and how I could use them in my work. I am reminded to use my energy in my making, I value this.

We also had a quick look at my thoughts around the critical review and my tutor is happy that I share within the next two weeks a draft of my CR in a word doc format, for annotations. I have to be careful, it is a rich subject and research I should not overwrite and work in short sections to write the work.

Next tutorial

16/06/2022 at 11am UK (time)

Assessment planned for Autumn period

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