This was my last formative feedback from my tutor, before I start to prepare for the Digital Assessment of June/July. I would like to reflect critical on this, as these are areas I need to develop as well as do some re work and look at my own development compared to the desired outcomes of the course. I planned to have time for this as part of my learning and working through the course, before the assessment.

Under General comments my tutor remarked that my work developed in its sensitivity to materials and understanding of color. My ideas will be worth pursuing in the rest of my studies…. I do hope with being able to integrate the learning from the course as well as guidance from my tutor and looking at other artists work, this would be a great area of developing. I decided to do some courses of Coursera to develop my understanding of other artists work-process. I will add the learning in my blog called, Learning skills as well as a blog called, Learning from artists work practice, I created recently. This is also why I started the extra blog in my learning log, to show parallel work I am doing to add to the hours I put into my my painting process in order to create what I set out to do.

A main area that needs growth in skill of painting is my ability to record form accurately and working with the dynamics of the things I am looking at whilst painting, that is, flow, energy and scale. I realize this comes with practice. I too agree that I have to capture human proportions correctly if I want to represent them on a realism way. The figures did come out too naive, which was not my intention. Thinking again about the human height and that averages around 7.5 times the height of their head. The center of the body is at the crotch area and then considering the length of the arms, from fingertip to fingertip, as almost the persons height from top to toe. I can estimate these proportions by eye, but need at least to work with certain checkpoints! It is about getting something that is a believable shape. I read a valuable comment on the Art Tutor website, “ lets suppose the average landscape painting is between 350mm x 250mm to 400mm x 300mm , most figures are going to be, at most 25mm high. Even those right in the foreground are only going to be around twice that size, maximum”

Looking at the work of Courbet, The burial at Ormans, was insightful. The artist was trying to show a work of Realism in a every day situation, with everyday people, apparently this was the burial of his uncle. Courbet can be seen as a bit of an anarchist by painting works people on such large scale canvas. I see the pictorial arrangement and the connection to my painting, Looking out 2. I do feel more connected to the work of Munch as he was more expressive.

,y tutor suggest I look at the artists I refer to in terms of

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