11 November 2020

I will start a daily drawing practice as of today.

Early morning I made a quick drawing whilst looking at the glowing morning sun. I want to make daily drawings. I can explore vulnerable and fragmented ideas. Words and reading excite me, it also put me in a place where I need to retract and re group my own thoughts – in order to make. My current practice is not responding to my theoretical knowledge. I feel I need to resolve this – get to a better understanding. I am currently on Part 4 in the course and it has a lot to do with the space the artist, the artwork and the viewer find themself in.

Today I decide to draw my space – my daily walks within the compound where I stay. I would like to explore the forms and walking lines in a graphic way – I walk for 30 to 40 min inside the compound – crisscrossing the streets, staying between the fence and tree wall.

Here I can use fragments of words –

walking 11/11/2020

12 November 2020

let’s do it -write about my art practice

13 November 2020

Using charcoal and moving it over my sketchbook – flowing marks came with the action of my hand – pressure and the way I hold to charcoal flat onto the paper surface – it reminds me of grasses flowing, or tree stem shapes. I started writing words and the lines reminded me finding an Arabian gazelle on the road towards the beach yesterday afternoon – I stopped to look at this graceful creature, two others were behind a bush and was concerned that oncoming cars might scare them – they were fine—-Wonderful to experience wildlife living with other beings and things in a city. I have never seen big groups of these gazelle here. I was glad to see them – It was a gift of hope for my day. I have seen them when I walk outside our compound and always wonder how about their conditions, living near the beach, between people and industry – very busy port within a 2-3 km from this area. They remind me of the Springbok (buck) in South Africa – who also survive in the dryer parts of the country. I learnt that these animals have learnt to stay hydrated in their hot environments by shrinking their heart and liver.

Gazella subgutturosa marica( also known locally as Reem) This is a sand gazelle – there is also a mountain gazelle

14 November Pen and chalk

15 November 2020

16 November 2020 – pansy shell on rice paper
17 November 2020 inspired by masks an O Redon
18 November 2020 city in the desert
Daily drawings 23 and 24 November 2020

Selfies of my shadows and thinking of a maze

water and palms
28 November 2020
29 November 2020

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