With regards to the assignment I think I had some positive feedback, and hopefully with regards to the length of the assignment, I did ok!  My tutor added some extra pointers which I really appreciate in terms of further understanding and connecting the process to the learning.  I would like to add this to my learning blog. Her overall comment is as follows:

The essay contained some good material. You do need to be careful about referencing – it’s always necessary for every single quote. Some of the exercises also showed sound understanding of relevant ideas but sometimes you missed the focus of the exact questions, as I will explain below.”

I have to look at my referencing and being more clear about the way I answer of the exercises.  here I understand the confusion and lack of annotating in exercise 2.  I will re do this part. I was under the impression to only do Havard referencing for the essays and not necessary the exercises in my learning blog.

In exercise 3  I did not  refer directly to the paintings by Vladimir Tretchikoff and Andrew Hewkin and will add this in my learning blog.

I did not reference quotes in this exercise and will rectify and also add 5 every day objects in exercise 2.3.  I clearly missed important pointers here, which did not compliment my answers.

On exercise 2.4 my tutor challenged me to take my discussion further – which I did.

The choice of Velazquez’ Las Meninas was fine, and here it could have been interesting to really analyze the comparisons and contrasts between it and the Picasso painting of the same subject (you do this with the latter, but comparing both would have been worthwhile).

You describe the unusual circumstances whereby the spectator’s point of view is indicated in cinema.”

I also missed referencing quotes here in this exercise and need to look into that.

I have started working on above suggestion and are finding great comparisons and contrasts to add to this exercise.  I found the idea of working with representation and the relationship of art and reality great, as this was being studied in the next chapter of the study material in preparation for assignment 3.

Further important ideas to take with me and explore

Suggested reading/viewing from my tutor

Daniel Chandler, ‘Semiotics: The Basics’, 2017  ( I found I could download this)

Sean Hallett, This Means This, This Means That Second Edition: A User’s Guide to Semiotics, 2012 Pointers for the next assignment (I found on Learning,OReily.com/library)

• Reflect on this feedback in your learning blog (I couldn’t see a reflection on my feedback for assignment 1 on your blog, but maybe I missed it).  I did not post it publicly and corrected it and it was then available for reading.

• The idea of the original versus the copy is one key factor in part 3: if you have time you might find Susan Sontag’s book On Photography helpful in this regard.

• Carefully check that you have fully understood the exercise task. There is evidence of good reading and thinking on your blog, but the exercises this time needed to be more focused.

I gave myself much more time for reading for the next assignment. Susan Sontag’s book on Audible works great while I do some much needed running and walking on the treadmill. She inspired me to read Whitman and  Foucault.

With regards to the reflection of Part Two my tutors comments were encouraging

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