My tutor set up this last meeting but I am assured that I can still share revisions on my CR with her within the next few weeks up until the end of July, before the Summer Break in the UK.

We start by looking at the Assessment Mark sheet and reflect on that alongside my work and PP. This became a beneficial discussion to help me focus on preparing for the assessment and plan accordingly. It will be a digital assessment and I need to plan time around uploading and making choices as well as how I will go forward to level three. A good discussion around I can calibrate myself before I pull everything together

Criteria we discuss:


My tutor feels that was a significant deepening of knowledge in terms of contextual understanding, I did the practical and material work in my explorations and my practice. Great advice is how I will make choices in the assessment – how these link and I choose work – practical and contextual and theoretical. How I worked across them. Looking at the banding of those three – be choosy and read into this criteria and choose astutely. In a way I need to spend time making this decision – it is much more considered. (being clear where the knowledge is coming from – determine it, I have a lot in my body of work and need to make the right choices)


Criteria here are more clear here – talks about the effectiveness, and one can see how it is playing out.


Looking at how I interact with my peers – is interesting and I can really review this and make sure this is reflected in my blog. Important to write more about this – I feel I had a lot of peer interaction and need to back into my blog and add it – I felt I have really benefitted from working with fellow students and other tutors at OCA. Again how I pick these links in my reflection – should be more overt about what I learned and what it means going forward. Really consider how I work with an idea – being reminded to stay longer with an idea – dwell with it in terms of the process of developing work.

Reflecting on this discussion around Assessment Criteria:

I realise this is preparing me for level three and grateful for this discussion and reminder of the importance. I really feel that even though my course work is almost finished, my PP is ongoing – an open-ended project to continue with. A lot of work has been achieved and I need to work towards assessment as my focus.

Parallel Project

I need to be clear of the outcomes and the underpinning research – it can be experimental, collated sets of images – really go back to the work and collate them – how do they look together? Consider pairs – how do the works sit together. I discuss a bigger work I need to do make – in my planning to use aluminium to make a work that could sit with other paintings I made. Important to consider how I ‘come to fruition’ – keep pushing, but I am at a point to have closure – the work is done, see it as a finished work. I am grateful for this momentum I have reached in my practice – making stimulates more work. I could consider deadlines as a place to let go of the work to become done.

Critical Review

It is important to talk about the artist who influenced my work – review what that meant to my practice; write about the how and the what of this influence.

Also important to summarise at the end – short, key points to make it clear.

Other practical suggestions and comments

Important to look back to Assignment 5 blogs – compare them with the criteria.

Ideas development has come to fruition – following ideas evolved.

Stay longer with ideas – my tendency to move across, but thinking about the resolution of ideas it can be good to stay longer with ideas, in the way I will go forward. Good advice for level 3!

I have been working quite autonomous and have developed an interest that I can find in a more deepened way for the level three part of my studies.

It is important to take time and consider my Assessment planning. My tutor suggested I work backwards from the Assessment and think about getting ready for Level Three. The time I need to consider is very important and to link the images of work I will share.

I will apply for level three – with the course leader, Caroline Wright in the next few weeks, before my assessment.

I feel really grateful for the generous tutoring sessions and sad to go. Later in August it was decided that we will have another session with regards to final planning and discussion of the assessment. I shared the changes to my blog with regards to the PP ( only the new Part 1 of a 4/5 Part project was shared) and my tutor comments on good use of my developing contextual and subject knowledge in the reflective part of my writing. I feel motivated to apply my learning to this project as I see the potential of work being developed and researched in the next level of my studies. I was strongly encouraged to use my own visual research to enable how I write about the research within the PP.

A date was decided on: 1 September 2022 at 09:00 UK time.

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