Thanks for joining me! This is the next level of my Fine Art studies with OCA, London. I started my studies towards  a BA Honours in Fine Art with Open College the Arts during 2018. My life always included a love for art and the on and off dabbing into drawing – especially when I found myself in nature on a trip in the bushveld or other beautiful areas in my home country, South Africa, as well as travels to the rest of the world.  I started joining art classes and drawing transformed to painting and some printing. Making art become my idea of being the best person I can hope to be.

Understanding Visual Culture 2 will be challenging and exciting. I love research, the idea to bring it into my work practice during this course will be a rewarding challenge.  I changed my WordPress site to a more formal website as I realised that due to Covid 19 pandemic chances are bigger that we will again do a digital final assessment and I think I do have more choice in terms of visual presentation through videos and zoomed in photos.  I hope the experience of reading will be easier for my tutor, the assessors and any member of public and fellow students who will visit the site. I made a link to my Instagram account and do feel a little ‘exposed’ in the social media world.

One thing I have come to accept is that although we will always endeavor to understand everything, it is not possible, especially when looking at art. I am at a point in my life where I can take time to study and try out a life of practicing art. This means that I have the time and space to be creative and experiment to find out what I really want to create in my art practice and grow in confidence to put it out there. In this course I plan to trust the process.

Looking at the Course material, the following is taken into account. ” You will look at the different kinds of relationships that contemporary artists have with writing and how it affects, positions and contextualises their practice. Through an examination of artists working globally across a range of disciplines, you will explore a variety of texts that engage with their work and the discussions around it. Writing about art can take many forms, it can be: a conversation between artists/art historians/critics/curators, a review, a publication accompanying an exhibition, an artist’s statement or manifesto or a creative response to the work. Writing/text is used to indicate dialogues in different forms that use words, and include interviews/discussions.” ( taken from study materials)

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