Demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding

At this point of the studies it became important for me to understand  the ontology of  philosophers I am reading – how they view reality.  I am starting to read more on Deleuze and see him as having a realist ontology – there is no difference between the observable and the unobservable.  It is clear that other philosophers grant to the objects of everyday experience a mind-independent existence, for them reality has no existence independently from the human mind that perceives it.  I will continue reading and love the challenge to  broaden my view and learn.

The ideas which Susan Sontag expressed in Jerusalem in 2001, this speech also rings true for me in a discussion on how art theorizes about visual  representation, specifically of the present:  “The wisdom of literature is quite antithetical to having opinions. ‘Nothing is my last word about anything,’ said Henry James. Furnishing opinions, even correct opinions–whenever asked– cheapens what novelists and poets do best, which is to sponsor reflectiveness, to perceive complexity.   Information will never replace illumination. But something that sounds like, except that it’s better than, information–I mean the condition of being informed; I mean concrete, specific, detailed, historically dense, first-hand knowledge–is the indispensable prerequisite for a writer to express opinions in public.  Let the others, the celebrities and the politicians, talk down to us; lie. If being both a writer and a public voice could stand for anything better, it would be that writers would consider the formulation of opinions and judgments to be a difficult responsibility.  Another problem with opinions. They are agencies of self- immobilisation. What writers do should free us up, shake us up. Open avenues of compassion and new interests. Remind us that we might, just might, aspire to become different, and better, than we are. Remind us that we can change.”

I think this exercise was really a great learning curve…my understanding of philosophy grew and I will continue reading and learning. We live in a very different world in terms of knowledge and technology than in the days of Plato and looking back on our cultural history I found the following quote very interesting and will surely try to read the essay in the next days:  “while the presence of the original is the prerequisite to the concept of authenticity, reproductions can acquire new meaning within a new temporal and geographic context”  Walter Benjamin: ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’

Demonstration of research skills

I could draw on sources via the internet, from Newspaper articles, Art Magazines, Libraries, Philosophical institutions as well as e books, accessed through Google, as well as videos and books.

Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills

I think it takes time for knowledge to ‘settle in’ and be integrated in my work and thinking process.  This chapter of the subject made me question existential questions ideas about myself, how I view the world as well as how I view and think about my role as an artists in the work I try to present.


I am sure language stays a difficult issue for me – the more I read and write the better I could get.  I do think my blog reads easily and the subject matter is clear in the way I present the blog.

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