I received a written formal feedback from my tutor.

During this part of the course I feel reflective practice was a big part of my work process, as I had to ask myself questions about transformative actions about things I care or should concern myself with.

I think it is important to look into the action points my tutor suggested, as I am coming to and end of this course.

  • locate the key areas that you are now going to pursue in terms of the PP and the CR.
  • Spend time work on the PP and the CR to scaffold the making as you move forward.
  • Pick key thinkers/artists/ways of working that are now more defined.

Feedback based on learning outcomes:

With regards to overall feedback by tutor saw my work as extremely thorough in the contextual enquiries. My documentation of my research supports my writing and thinking. There was also a sense that I am bringing my walking, ideas on feminism and the senses together. My research on a big group of artists as well as documenting nature and my 40 day drawing challenge was good ‘enablers’ to be present and seen in my work. I am really grateful for these glimpses of connecting practice with theory. I will extend most of these initial drawings another ways. This indicates that I was able to identify relevant and appropriate sources of information as well as could apply it to the visual and textual analysis of art.

Critical evaluation, analyses and synthesis within the context of studio practice is seen in how I validate and understand walking as part of my practice and my consideration to a female perspective as being ‘other’. I will interrogate the feelings I experience as being an onlooker/outsider with regards to place. The recommended reading about Nicholas Bourriaud and work of Doreen Massey has been considered within my Parallel project.

I am glad that I looked to other methodologies such as soundscapes in my research and practice.

The fact that I validate and understand walking as part of my practice is positive in the sense how I do critical evaluations, analyse and synthesise text within the context of my studio practice. Naming feelings helped me to discover more within my work and opens discussion to the suggested work done by Kentridge, N Bourriaud (In The Radicant) as well as looking to Doreen Massey. Sound drawings showed how I experienced during the making.

With regards to demonstrate a range of research skills, methodologies and understanding of the relevant forms and modes of information, including textual and electronic, my work with sound shows potential to develop: my tutor wonders what would happen if they managed to become amalgamated in some way. I ventured into attempts to put these fragments together and will share it with my CR presentation. I realise my ‘unprofessional’ photography and video graphs skills ‘ could be a shortfall, but I see opportunity to learn and invest more time into this. Recent talks within likeminded groups motivated me to use technology more. For me it lends itself to this making of art through using the technology to bring across temporality I experience in a walk, as well as the uniqueness of each walk.

I will focus on site, walking and being the ‘other’ – looking in. In order to contextualise this practice I will add theoretical ideas of Trinh T Minh-ha and others where I consider writing as material, but sound ,words and drawing will form part of how I will demonstrate my understanding and application of theoretical and critical research methodologies into my art practice. As my tutor reminded, d now is the time to edit and refine my ideas and not add more.

With regards to the important relationship of practical work to theoretical study – the body of work within my PP has gained momentum. I value the conscious awareness of not having a binary relationship – as my tutor suggested, interweaving of the elements.

I would like to apply for assessment by end of April and will discuss this with my tutor. I planned how I would approach the CR and shared the notes with my tutor who is more than willing to support my timelines.

I have posed a possible view questions I saw arising from my PP and decided to focus on if Walking

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