My tutor  comments positively on my effort to read as wide as possible, I appreciate her ‘seeing’ my efforts.  It surely is very much part of my nature to seek to understand, but I  still find it rather difficult to take the complex reading to a place of understanding – the process is many a time very ‘foggy’ and hard (takes time) to get to clarity and understanding.   It was suggested in the over all comments heading that I look into organising my blog better – so that the chronological order assists in easy viewing and reading. I have made changes which I hope is an improvement.   I am made aware that I need to improve editing of questions – still written too long.  It is clear that I battle with the complexity of the work and struggle to synthesize  it  into my answers.  I will do my best to work on this issue – I do have an idea that by the time I am getting on my way with Part Four,  the learning will make even more sense and  that I am coming to a better place of understanding, which should add to my reflections and answers being more concise and clear .

With regards to feedback on the  exercises I copied and pasted the extra research to pertaining to question 3.1 to the blog page called Part Three Research and Reading. I followed my tutors’ suggestion to do this will all the exercises where I added additional reflective paragraphs.  I understand that it complicated the reading of the exercises. I believe the blog is now easier to navigate.  I have looked at two other student’s blog layouts and are contemplating to ‘copy’ them. I will work on changes in the layout after assignment 4 is done and published for my tutor.

I  decided to edit/ rework a part of  exercise  3.2 where I discussed art as ‘always’ having had a decorative purpose.  My tutor argued the total opposite and  that “ art broadly pre the nineteenth century was often commissioned , and commissioned to depict a particular subject for a purpose, be that to record an historical event, inspire religious devotion, honour a famous individual and so on.  It is often said that art’s purpose and nature was, in part, moved onto a different course with the invention of photography.”  and I will add the idea on the notion that everyone should be able to fully understand all art – I do think this is an important point I overlooked. The question my tutor raised: ” do we all fully understand brain surgery for example’  set the scene for being realistic in assumptions that everyone should be able to understand.  It reminds me of Deleuze challenging the way in which problems are being handled  in the chapter, The Image of Thought (Deleuze:2017)  He says through dogmatic, orthodox or moral  image of thought,  ideas stay with the form of  ‘what everyone knows’.  Interesting problems might not even have solutions, we cannot always expect to have the right answer to everything, and art opens up these  “problematic fields”  and in this  ‘difference’,  is where you have the moments of creativity.

With regards to the assignment I will add some arguments my tutor reflected on reality and how we conceive ‘real’ as well as cultural constraints to be able to challenge information critically.  I did find her own experience with students from different cultural backgrounds, very convincing. It again reminded me of what I learned from Deleuze with regards to how we perceive problem solving and learning.  It is also important that we are aware of hour our environment plays a role in shaping our views.  I am so aware of the role of the internet and social media as opinion and fact makers.

In reflecting on Part Three my tutor agreed that I am making progress in the learning process,  she was happy with most of my answers in the exercises and expressed that my subject based knowledge and understanding is developing well.  She commended my research and use of reliable sources in this process.  I should however be wary to  write more concise – I will put an effort into this suggestion.

Under pointers for the next assignment I am encouraged to research the background of each work, before I select and develop my ideas for the essay.  I need to keep to the suggested word length for my answers.

My next assignment is suggested to be due for 1 June 2019.

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