I received a formal written feedback from my tutor on 7 May 2019.

I am relieved that my tutor acknowledged the engagement with the work that took place over this part of the course.  This unfortunately made me almost upset when I read about students’ negative perception of this subject and current ideas of changing the subject. I feel this learning was a process one had to see through in order to get to a Honours Degree in Fine Art,  – i.e. engage with as much learning and open your mind to the possibilities of learning about art which could in turn help you think about the art you make and engage with.   I have not engaged in this discussions but do think the course needs these theoretical complex challenges to really open up the very complex world of contemporary art and understand its history and contemplate its future. I agree with Bill Viola when he at a stage stated:  “all art is contemporary”….. and is ‘born in radical new ideas”  – but one has to have a grounded basis to think and act from.  I now see these studies as crucial – the critical thinking I was constantly challenged with, from a philosophical theoretical point of view, opened a new world to me. I think I will benefit from this subject and reading in my own artistic understanding and growth as I attempt to work more around the ‘beyondness’ of representation and find my own expressive language.

Reading through the feedback it is wonderful that the discussion feels like proper communication between me and my tutor.  I do not feel distance due to lack of theoretical language barriers – this is a real growth signal to me!  Looking back I realise the value of my tutor’s nudging me to specific reading materials and looking for the layers between the discussions, although complex, it became intriguing and very interesting to learn.

My tutor commented on the interesting relations between the work of Evans/Levine and VanGogh/Millet – I am intrigued by “ Can you think what is the effect of the differences in the treatment of the same subject matter? i.e. this is the aspect of ‘accounting’ for differences.”   I almost feel that this will be dealt with in the next part of the study material – engagement with this experience of an encounter with another artists’ work – the ‘how’ of becoming an artwork.  I also understand her view of Newman’s writing and the renewal ideas to go back to a primordial state of being as the key, she puts in perspective with commenting the following  “notions of America as a frontier, the home of the pioneer, could be detected.” 

My tutor suggested that I set up a section in my blog for further research and reading and to remove it form the exercises blog, in order for it to be seen as distinct and additional work.

My tutor suggested the following from the reading list:  Cohen & Streitberger, 2016, Stallabrass, 2006. As well as books specifically on video art – here she suggested Helen Westgeest, Video Art Theory, 2015 as well as videos on Bill Viola, as well as a recent exhibition at the National Gallery in London which I could search for good understanding. She also pointed to the heart of the assignment being the visitor/viewer experience.

The suggestion is to have my next assignment due by 1 September 2019.  My plan is to present my work for assessment during the November assessment event.  Work must therefore be ready between 15 and 30 September 2019.  I also need to plan for a family vacation in South Africa during August 2019. The aim will therefor be to work towards an earlier submission date for the last assignment.

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