My tutor is appreciative of the reading I have started to do and commented on the length of my assignment essay as

I did not keep to the word length. I should work on structuring my writing to keep to the word length – mine was twice the approximate 1000 words required!! Background research material can be kept on my blog – I will  immediately implement in the rest of my studies. I also need to be more scrupulous about referencing and I can see looking at the comments that I need to give attention to this part of the writing.

Things to take from the feedback:

  • more concise writing and staying within the word length as per question/essay requirement
  • Keep a separate section as supporting research
  • More attention to referencing – ensure quotes are in inverted commas, look at webpage references and stick to Harvard style
  • Self reflection in terms of course assessment criteria is very important and need to become a habit and part of the blog writing.

In my comments on Tansey’s painting I found and interesting link with work of Potter, but my tutor suggested this could have been omitted and helped to keep the focus on Tansey’s painting. The Potter part could be placed as additional material in a seperate section of the blog – seen as supporting research. I implemented this in my blog – the essay was changed after the Tutor Report I received on 29 September 2018. I added some of my tutors comments into my essay ( in different colour)

My tutor suggested reading/viewing the following:

  • N Mirzoeff: The Visual Culture Reader
  • Art in Theory 1900 – 2000 edited by Harrison and Wood
  • Viewing the 4 TV programmes on YouTube of John Berger – Based on his book, Ways of Seeing

Art in Theory 1900-2000 edited by Harrison and Wood was recommended as useful to ‘dip into as it contains an enormous number of primary and secondary material’.

She strongly recommended Fried and Greenberg from the referenes section in the study material, as well as Harrison, Buchloh et al, and Cottington and Wood from the further reading list.

She further suggested that reading of Postmodernism would be helpful as it will be relevant to all parts of this course. Eleanor Heartney, Postmodernism (movements in Modern Art and Tim Woods, Beginning Postmodernism was suggested in this regard.

For a broader scope the following books were also suggested:

  • Grant Pooke & Diana Newall (2008), Art HIstory: the basics
  • Marita Sturken & Lisa Cartwright (2009), Practices of Looking: an introduction to visual Culture

I valued the pointers at the end of her feedback:

  • word length
  • referencing
  • several ‘layers’
  • drafting the essay under some key headings to organise the material in the beginning, this could later be deleted.


I did not do this when I submitted my first assignment and added this on after my tutor made me aware and suggested that I get into the habit of self-reflection.

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