Demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding

This part of the course made me very aware of the influence of different causes on the life of artists and art.  The happenings in the art world in the years since World War II was to greatly advance modernism.  I have tried to read as wide – the need for more reading is evidence as I realise my own relationship with art and what art is for needs to become clearer.  I am also more aware of how Modernism was also seen in culture, architecture, music, literature and poetry.  Modernism reached its peak in the 1960s; Post-modernism in the 60′ and 70’s is a dismissal of the rigidity of Modernism in favor of an “anything goes” approach to subject matter, processes and material.  It is becoming clear that we have moved onwards from Modernism to Postmodernism, and may be further to what some call PoMoMo (Post PostModernism) as art movements  continue to push to the extreme the
boundaries of idea, theory and in many cases taste.  Never in my life have I been confronted so much with doubt and scepticism and a need to read and understand philosophy better .

Demonstration of research skills

I am comfortable to find related research documents on the interned as well as youtube channel.  I looked at the 4 TV programs by John Berger, Ways of seeing and found it valuable. It is a concern that the available libraries, Bridgeman,  from OCA is not working efficiently.  I am very dependent on online libraries for reading, as bookshops here in the UAE on art is very limited.  I found great essays and readings on websites such as

Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills

Confusion and doubt is still very much part of my limited language of Visual Arts.  I am slowly finding my way through the theories and critiques and philosophies.

In order to keep my writing tight and secure I used my blog to keep wider reading and ideas.


To communicate clear I need to ensure the length of my writings  stick to the recommendations, which I still find very difficult.

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