9May 2019

The way I view the world of art has certainly been opened though these studies.   My reality  view has become much more of a process of continued creation.  Something that stuck with me:  I can at any moment ask myself what might I make!   I have enjoyed the research and reading – always more to be done and this will hopefully be a part of my art practice for the rest of the studies as well as in my personal life.

Demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding

I feel the content of the work has now started to fall into place and I am so aware of all the previous exercises and research I did – I could draw on these during this part of the course.  The assignment opened a whole world of historical context to my understanding and I am so much more aware of the influences around us – we carry them with us and it surely influences our thought patterns.

Demonstration of research skills

I enjoy this part of the studies – unfortunately I was not able to have more books from the recommended reading list.  I found great value in a few lectures I found on the internet by  prof Todd May – an enthusiastic teacher and great admirer of Deleuze.  It was also great to use art works in the exercises and the reading on difference and similarities was a great learning curve.

Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills

This is most probably where I learnt most during this course.  I understand the value of critical thinking and applying it into ones art practice.  Theoretical knowledge is a wonderful foundation to think and enquire about reality.  I am encouraged to explore more and learn from other artists.  I find it difficult to keep my answers short – do think my assignment is long, but possible interpretations kept coming, the more I read!


Using and reading the language of the French philosophers is hard and I feel I battle, due to English not being my First Language Choice (mother-tongue is Afrikaans) I feel confident to write and believe the presentation of the blog is easy  and interesting to follow.

I would like to start with the next assignment within the next 10 days.  My plan is to apply for assessment of November 2019.

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