Project 2 Proportion

Exercise 1 Quick studies with model in a comfortable position.


ink wash nude back.jpg


sitting nude

n0 1 10 min seated

During this drawing I found that I was using my fingers more than the charcoal – to correct and or soften lines – I would like to focus on taking longer before putting down a line.  I also learned that the model’s face draw me – I should have used the opportunity to focus on a portrait.


no 2 ten min

These drawings were done with the figurative group I joined – 1 x p month here in Dubai.

seated 10 min

All my drawings are done on bigger size paper.

Longer study with male model in different positions for 10 minutes

male model session.jpgI tried to find the contours of the body and the pose with charcoal and then used ink to put some lines and give form,  I used an eraser to capture the light as it was moving quickly over the model’s body.  Again I find I run out of space – proportions should be measured more accurately – I tend to rush in to put lines down.  I worked on one big paper, and did 2 short studies.

2 short studies of male model.jpg

Short studies of model in class

short poses 2

model and ink

ink and charcoal on acryl

Beauty fades,  Collage with newsprint, ink, charcoal and acrylic

I did not want to be precious about the drawing, I was experimenting with ink – the ink bottle fell and made a big mess in my studio!  I decided to add collage – everything changes and decays in the end.

Same theme!




Exercise 2  A  1 hour study – seated position

seated longer studyThe session was around 40 minutes – I enjoyed the drawing.  The light was soft and the model was almost in a dreamy world of her own.  I think this could have made a lovely study for a follow up completed painting.

long drawingI added a few ink lines – worked more on the face and hands, the drawings of live model is on A2 size paper

This model was just ideal for a portrait study – I finished the painting at home.

portrait study1


Port 2Port painting

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