learn.oca.ac.uk/pluginfile.php/1124/mod_resource/content/1/part 1.pdf

I feel frustrated that it took me so long to spend some time with this very valuable and useful document. I need to thank my tutor and OCA for this document. Finally I got the message and I am awoken to its meaning and content! Wow it took time to get into this. ( I did look at it (😑) for UVC 1 during 2018/19.)

Researching for UVC2, brought some new understanding and sensibilities and I realized that I actually like specificity and classifying…. this system will be so helpful. Did I ever say that Investigative art could be my thing? I like analyzing…it is a quiet place of discovery that I enjoy. I need to put myself in the field of play and be blunt and brutal about my practice……it is what I say (visually) about who I am…..with what and how I interacted…when I started, or discovered as an afterthought……..where it came from….. I want to be authentic, truthful and a (bit) real.

Above was a great discovery and the acknowledgement is a great motivator.

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