WEDNESDAY 19 FEBRUARY 2020 608PM (UK time)

This Zoom online session is the first of the sessions led by Helen Rousseau that I have attended. The group has had a previous session in December 2019.

I knew from the email with regards to the session what to expect of the session, but have to admit I was a bit apprehensive putting myself out there. I am currently working with ideas for the final part of POP and find it freeing in the sense that I am exploring and experimenting with my painting applications and medium of support within a landscape narrative. I do not feel any particular preciousness in this process, the learning gained from this is much more valuable to me. I have tried vellum paper, canvas paper, etc. My momentum was taken forward by two tutor led sessions I have attended in the last month, as well as my recent video tutorial with my tutor, Emma – it aided in my gained confidence and thinking about my process of making and learning in a supportive and like minded community of students and tutors.

Helen suggested breakout groups and silent critique to be the way forward for this session.

We firstly established some format of rules of engagement and used the chatbox for that. Helen started us off with the comment that one do not have to feel that you have to have an answer. It seems the feedback from the previous session was that, due to the group being diverse (students from different levels and courses), participants were generous and contributed supportive comments to the discussion. It was mentioned that people could have reconsidered joining in, due to having to bring something to show. Most of the group are on Level 1 Drawing course and a lot of focus is on outcome and being precise, the idea of meeting other people and hearing their journey seemed encouraging.

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